Tap SPACE to Flap

Hold SPACE to Glide

Release to Fall

Burn as much as you can,  don't get hit.

Update 1.1 - 25/08


  1. - Audio Issues (Death, Flame) 
  2. - Canopy Bomb now doesn't drop bomb, simpler enemy
  3. - Loot/Trophy collection fixed
  4. - Enemy Controller leaves less unbeatable patterns
  5. - Reduced simulation speed of fire particles
  6. - Increased speed of movement to avoid "choppiness" 
  7. - No longer "flap" once get below burn line (which was causing players to knock into enemies unfairly) 
  8. - Skele Dragon updated Sprite


  1. - (Human Pack) Canopy Knight (similar to Canopy Bomb) 
  2. - (Human Pack) Added Fields Biome
  3. - Deep Wood Pack 
  4. - (Mountain Pack) Ice/Snow elements

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